Reviewing Completed Online Sessions

Feedback is crucial to student progress. After completing an online session, you'll have access to a post-session feedback report, files shared during the lesson, and for some users, the video recording of the session.

Users: This article is for all users

Prerequisites: Your account is activated | An online session has been completed 

Read the step-by-step instructions outlined below: 

Accessing Post-Session Reports looks slightly different depending on the user role. Click the link below to skip to the section of this article related to your user role.

For Students, Parents, and Instructors: 

You can review any of your previously completed online sessions by clicking on "Sessions" in the left navigation bar from your Dashboard. 

Sessions tab

On the "My Sessions" page, you'll see a list of your previously completed sessions. 

To the right of each session, in the ACTIONS column, click on the video recording icon to view the post-session report and access the session video. 

Note: Video recordings of completed online sessions are an optional feature which means that video recordings may be turned off for your organization. Please check with your organization's administrator to confirm if your online sessions are recorded. 

My Sessions screen - reviewing session feedback

The post-session report includes:

  1. Details about the session - Click the orange "View session" button to view the session recording (added feature not available to some users)
    Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 7.16.23 AM
  2. Session portfolio - Lists materials shared during the session that can be downloaded for review
    Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 3.03.17 PM
  3. Participant feedback and notes - This is the Post-Session Report

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 7.16.08 AM

If you did not leave feedback after the session was completed, you can always go back and enter the notes at a later time. To do this, follow the same process outlined above. When you reach the session's details page, you will see the blank form on the right side of the screen.  (See the image below for examples of the instructor and student post-session reports.). Instructors may edit the session reports at any time. 

Post -session report screen shots

Click "Save" when finished to make sure all changes are saved.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 7.16.36 AM

For Organization Administrators:

For quality and control purposes, organization admins have access to all client/instructor session details and online session recordings. 

Note: Video recordings of completed online sessions are an added feature. If you are interested in adding recordings to your account, please contact your account manager at Trilogy Mentors.

Organization admins can access session details and video recordings from the "Sessions" tab from the admin dashboard. 

Once on the "Sessions" page, use the search filters to find the session you'd like to review.

Past sessions search bar


To the right side of the session details, in the ACTIONS column, click on "Take Acton" icon to view the session details including the post-session report(s) and to access the session video. 

Past session admin video rec


On the Session Details page, use the orange "View Session" button to access the video playback of the session. 

admin post session report - details


To edit the "Post-Session Report" click the "Edit" button to open the session report window and update the information. To view the session portfolio and user feedback/notes, use the left navigation tab and click "Portfolio" or "Reports". 

postsession report left nav

(See the image below for examples of the instructor and student post-session reports)

Post -session report screen shots

Completing Post Session Reports from the Instructor Dashboard:

Built-In Online Classroom

Upon completing a session in the built-in online classroom, you’ll be presented with a general session report and personal student report.

Here you can flag the session to alert your Admin of any incidents involving student conduct, and leave an accompanying note to give your Admin some clarity on the incident.

You can also leave a general note for your student.

Click “Submit & skip personal notes” to skip the feedback form, or click “Add Personal Notes” to leave more specific feedback (as shown below)

Use the sliders to answer the associated questions, or use the “Comments” section to leave more in-depth feedback about your student or the session.

Click “Back” to return to the general session report if you missed something, or click “Finish” to submit the filled-out personal student report.

Note: You can also skip this section by clicking “Skip & Finish”


URL Link, Group, and In-Person Sessions

At the session’s expected end time, you’ll receive an email and platform notification with a link to the post session report for your session.

Click the link, then indicate whether the session was completed or missed by clicking the corresponding buttons.

If the session was completed, you’ll be presented with a General Session Report similar to the one shown for Built-In Classroom sessions; this form will have an additional field for you to indicate how long the session lasted.

Click “Add Personal Notes” to leave feedback about your student(s).

If your session involved multiple students, click “Save & Next” to cycle through them to leave individualized feedback. You can click “Back” to return to the previous student’s Feedback form.

Click “Finish” to complete your post session report.


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