Trilogy Implementation Guide - For Admins

Cheers to our new partnership! We are eager to help you get up and running with the Trilogy platform. This guide is designed to help you navigate the implementation process and set your organization up for success.

Users: This guide is for tutoring organizations and freelance tutors 

Prerequisites:  None

In an effort to help you seamlessly transition to the platform, we’ve created an Admin tasklist to guide you through the platform implementation process. The tasks are listed in order and linked to relevant Help Center articles.  

Phase One Tasklist

Phase One includes familiarizing yourself with the platform, onboarding your users, and customizing the platform to suit your organization’s needs. By the end of phase one, you’ll be ready to conduct your first online sessions.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the platform: Admin Portal Overview
  2. Communicate with your instructors, students, and parents
  3. Add your educational offerings or “Programs” into the system: Structure and set your Programs 
  4. Add and manage your users:

Phase Two Tasklist

    During Phase Two, you should have your first users onboard and schedule their first sessions. This phase builds on the resources for conducting and reviewing online sessions and introduces a few more of the admin tools available to continue customizing your platform.

    5. Help instructors prepare to teach in the Online Classroom

    6. Book and conduct your first sessions

    7.  Review Completed Online Sessions

    Phase Three Tasklist

    Phase Three focuses on making sure you are getting the most out of the business management tools. By phase three, you should feel comfortable adding users, scheduling and conducting sessions, and have a basic understanding of how you can use the platform to organize your operations.

    8. Setup Platform Billing/Invoicing Tool (optional)

    9.  Admin Calendar Overview- How to View and Manage your Organization's Sessions

    10. How to use the Insights feature in the Admin Portal

    11.  How to use the Links features in the Admin Portal

    12. Schedule a time to review your first month with our Success Team (optional) 


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