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Technology and Network Requirements for the Online Classroom

Get the most of your online learning time by making sure your technology meets the requirements needed for a seamless online classroom experience.

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Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined below. Skip ahead to section you need: 

Device and Operating System Requirements

Use a Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer with a built-in camera and microphone. 

  • If you do not have a desktop or laptop, a tablet is the next best option. Please make sure that your tablet has a built-in camera and microphone and is updated regularly. If needed, use a search engine to find the process to update your device.

Note: Older devices may have an impact on the experience as some do not have the necessary hardware or run on outdated software. Please keep this in mind when using an older tablet

Caution: At this time, we do NOT recommend mobile devices to access the online classroom, but it still can be used as a backup device. The experience is inconsistent across various mobile devices and the small screen is not optimal with respect to the interactive whiteboards.

Update Your Operating System Regularly

  • We recommend updating your operating system regularly. If you are not sure what operating system you use, click the link below.
    WhatIsMyBrowser.com - What Operating System Do I Have?
  • Once you know which operating system you are running, update it if needed. Do this by using a search engine to learn about the process of updating the operating system. 

Network requirements

For a successful connection: 

Assess your network speed before your first session
  • Before your first session, try running this test - https://www.speedtest.net/
    If the upload and/or download speed is < 75 Mbps then you can expect issues with the audio, video, and lag times with the interactive tools. 
  • Something to keep in mind during the test is that your network speed fluctuates depending on many factors. One well-known factor is the number of devices active on the network at one time. (For example, multiple people using online apps and/or streaming video use more bandwidth than just browsing. All activity can affect network speed and quality).

Check the network quality while you are in the Online Classroom

  • While in the online classroom, check the Network Quality Indicator.  This built-in feature helps you track your network quality during sessions. If the connection is poor, the indicator will turn red. We recommend toggling off the video to devote more bandwidth to the audio and other interactive tools in the classroom. You can toggle off the video in the classroom by hovering over the video and clicking the video camera icon in the bottom right corner of your video feed. 
Make sure you have a solid wifi connection 
  • To ensure the best experience, make sure you have a solid wifi connection. For those that experience slow internet speeds, try a wired connection to your router if you have access to one.

Browser requirements

    • The online platform is optimized for the most popular browser - Chrome.
      (Fun fact, approx. 65% of internet users are on Chrome. The second most popular browser is Safari at approx. 18% of the market - https://gs.statcounter.com/)
      • To give yourself the best chance of being able to use our platform, please make sure you're running the latest version of Chrome. To check which version of Chrome you're running and whether it's the latest, visit this site:
        WhatIsMyBrowser.comWhatIsMyBrowser.com - What version of Chrome do I have?
        Wondering what version of Chrome you're running? This page will tell you if you're running Chrome and what version it is. It also offers tips and processes for updating your system.
      • If you're using a Mac laptop, desktop, or iPad, Safari is supported. Please make sure you're running the latest version by visiting this site:  
        WhatIsMyBrowser.comWhatIsMyBrowser.com - What version of Safari do I have?
        Wondering what version of Safari you're running? This page will tell you if you're running Safari and what version it is. It also offers tips and processes for updating your system.

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