Student Portal Overview

Here is a brief overview of the tools and features in your student portal. Get online and get learning!

Users: This article is for Students and Parents

Prerequisites: Your organization’s admin has added you to the system | Your account is activated

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  • Online Classroom: Meet with your instructors in the interactive online classroom to participate in online sessions! Enter the classroom through your Student Dashboard.
  • Request to Book Session: Request to book single sessions with your instructors at the time most convenient for you. Program administrators can schedule your sessions as well and book you for a weekly recurring slot with your instructor(s).
  • Calendar: View your upcoming and past sessions all in one place. Use the calendar to block off times when you are unavailable to conduct sessions.
  • Messaging: Send messages within the platform to your instructors. These messages will also be forwarded to your personal email account.
  • Portfolio: Upload documents to your portfolio before an online session so they are ready to share when you enter the online classroom. Or upload and share documents during an online session.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications and updates regarding scheduled sessions with your instructors. Reminders are sent via email to all session participants.
  • Session Archive: View past session data, including video playback of online sessions (available to certain organizations) and an overview of the materials that were shared during the online session.
  • Post-Session Reports: Give your instructors a quick recap to let them know how you are doing and how you felt about what was covered. This will keep everyone up to date about what was covered and how you are progressing! Your instructor will also provide a brief summary of the session to give you feedback and help you prepare for your next session.

    Before your first online session

    Set yourself up for a seamless first session with this Student Readiness Checklist


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