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Licensing FAQs - Trilogy Mentors

Frequently asked questions regarding licensing for tutoring businesses and schools.



  1. How does tech support work?

    • Unlimited support access is available to the owner of the license. If there is a problem, we will support you to make sure that your users have what they need. This includes unlimited chat and phone support for you as the owner. 
    • The online platform offers a chat bubble that is available to your clients. We will assist with tech support in most instances. All inquiries regarding scheduling, rescheduling, or cancellations are to be handled by the owner of the license. 
  2. How long (typically) to get up and running with the online platform?

    • This is highly dependent on the number of users you would like to onboard. For organizations managing their own instructors and students - you can add a tutor, student, and parent and schedule their session in a matter of minutes.
    • Bulk uploads are not currently available but it is a feature we have in our backlog. We will make available an account manager to walk you through the process and support you while you set up your account. If you have a long list of instructors that you would like to import, we will work with you to bulk import those users into the system.
    • For schools that are running programs in partnership with Trilogy and using Trilogy's Academic Mentors, timelines vary based on the number of students, the number of academic mentors, and your goals. We work with you to get the program up and running!
  3. How do I move from one system to another?

    • We suggest utilizing the functionality of the system and familiarizing yourself to migrate systems over as you are using the new technology. We will be available to support you along the way with this as well. 
  4. How do you cater to businesses that have multiple locations, and data associated with each location?

    • Programs are used to distinguish the various academic services that you offer to your clients. Programs are established and users can be linked to a specific program. 
      Programs can be leveraged to keep track of your on-site locations and services. You can set each location up as a program. For multiple programs within locations, we can help you outline your programs to distinguish between your locations and service offerings. 
  5. Privacy/Security - Data/COPPA

    • We have a stance on data security, COPPA, and user privacy.  We have documentation on this that we can share upon request. Our Chief Learning Officer is a scholar and former teacher that takes student security very seriously. She has put together all the documentation to address privacy and security for you and your users. We will gladly share more information about our data security and privacy policy upon request. 
  6. Will I need to change my business processes?

    • This depends on your preferences and how many of those processes you want to continue to manage versus how much you want to migrate over to our system. You can move holistically over to our system or use our system in unison with others. Our system provides you with a complete picture of your clients' service usage and includes automation for scheduling. 
  7. Do you train on the system?

    • Yes! We prefer to have you on the phone or in a virtual conference call with a team member for your first onboarding. That individual will be your dedicated account manager going forward.
  8. What customizations do you offer in terms of branding?

    • We offer the ability to display your logo to your users. Our color palette is general with a wide variety of colors.
  9. What is the difference between the user dashboards for administrators, instructors, students, and parents?

    • The interface for instructors, students, and parents looks very similar with some variations.
    • Admins have oversight and access to reports and info for all user
    • Mentors are the gatekeeper of their own schedule and manage sessions with students
    • Students have access to the online classroom, can request sessions, and can manage their personal materials
    • The parent portal includes insight into their student’s engagement and progress. Parents can also view the schedule, request rescheduling, and request additional sessions.
  10. Do you integrate with our LMS?

    • We do not have a full integration but we have the ability to add a link to your LMS from your students’ online dashboard.
  11. Can your system track student progress?

    • We are really interested in helping to provide these insights. We will be piloting new technology in the environment for our company. When the developments are mature, we will begin demonstrating new features for our clients. We want our clients to be able to leverage this type of data for your business and marketing. 
    • For now, we include post-session reporting. After each session, students and instructors complete feedback forms about their experience during the session, what was covered, upcoming assignments, and the goals for the next session.
  12. Do you have notifications and reminders for scheduled sessions?

    • Yes, all sessions scheduled using the online platform will send reminder emails to participants of that session. Reminders are sent 24-hours in advance and 1-hour in advance. For online sessions, a 10-minutes past reminder is also sent if the session has not started.
  13. How long are videos stored on the platform?

    • Videos are available to playback on the platform for 180 days
    • After 180 days, they go into deep storage for an additional 180 days. These sessions are referenced on the system but playback of the video needs to be requested
    • After the second 180 days, the file is moved to Glacier storage. Although it is still accessible, the file's retrieval will require a services agreement and several days before the file can be accessed again. 
  14. Do you have a payment system?

    • Today we do not have a built-in payment system. We are trying to pull together the requirements from our users to build a system that best suits your needs. We are working together with our users to define what a payment system will look like to support invoicing, billing, and outgoing payments to instructors for our licensees. This feature will be included in a future release.
  15. How do you compare? Paid and nonpaid features.       

    • Our biggest differentiation is that we are a consolidated platform. We are a one-stop-shop. A simple system for online sessions, user management, session reports, video archives, and storage. All other features are being addressed in future releases. We are taking the burden off the shoulder of administrators. 
  16. Can I add a common doc to all my users?

    • Users have personal portfolios for use in their sessions. Instructors, students, and parents can add files from their dashboard and during sessions. 
    • Administrators have the ability to add links to add a common folder for students to access work materials from their online dashboard.

  17. For Tax purposes, how can I access my 1099?

    • Our platform is a licensable platform created to make running a tutoring business easier. In that light, you could have a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or really any business unit you choose to deliver your services by. From there, I would advise that you seek counsel to determine which will work best for you. We are not, however, employing you as a contractor so there will be no 1099 from us. 

Whew, that was a lot to cover. 

If you have a question that was not covered here, or would like more information regarding anything in our FAQs, head to our website and submit our Contact Form.