How to book an online session for one or more students using an external video conferencing URL Link (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)

Admins and/or Instructors may book online sessions for multiple students and/or schedule online sessions using an external video conferencing tool.

Users: This article is for Organization Administrators and Instructors 

Prerequisites:  Set up your Admin account / Added your Instructors / Added your Students 

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Two important notes:  

1. To book an online session for multiple students, you must use an external URL Link such as Zoom or Google Meet. Trilogy’s Built-In 1:1 Classroom is for one-to-one sessions only.  

2. Once you’ve added your Instructor and Students as users on your platform, you may book an online session for multiple students. If as an instructor, you cannot find a student to book with, we recommend communicating with your organization’s admin to get assigned to the student. As an admin user, you can manually assign an instructor to a student at any time by following these steps.

Step-by-step instructions: 

To book an online session with one or more students using an external video conferencing tool, follow these steps:

  1. From your Admin Dashboard, click on “Session Booking” in the left navigation bar.
  2. On the “Session Booking” page, select the instructor and student(s) who will be participating in the online session. If you do not see the student you wish to invite in the dropdown students list, use the “Invite a student by email” link to add a student to the booking.Classroom GIF (1)
  1. Select the “Online Session” radio button
  2. Open the “Online Session Type” dropdown menu and choose “URL Link” 
    1. Note: If you select more than one student for an online session, the session type will automatically change to “URL Link”
  3. Paste the external video conference URL (web address) that you will be using for this online session in the “Url” box
    1. Important Note: this web address link will have been provided by the external source of your choice, for example, Zoom or Google Meet). Make sure you copy/paste the full URL address beginning with HTTP to ensure you are using the complete/correct URL link  
  4. Complete the form to book the duration, date(s), time, and to add any additional details about the session. 
  5. Click "Book Session" located at the bottom of the booking form.
  6. It's official! Your instructor and their student(s) are booked for their online session.

Notifications:  Your instructor and student(s) will receive all standard notifications regarding this session, and the “Join” button (located on the student and instructor dashboards) for this session will take them to the external URL link that was provided in the session booking form. The “Join” button appears on the student and instructor dashboards 15-minutes prior to the session’s scheduled start time.

Troubleshooting: If your instructor and/or student(s) experience any issues accessing an external video conferencing tool for an online session, we recommend that you first review the booked session information to review the URL web address to see if it was complete/correct. While we enable you to use 3rd party links for your online sessions, we are not able to provide troubleshooting and/or support for any issues you encounter using a 3rd party/external video conference tool for an online session.

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