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How to assign Instructors to their Students and Book Sessions

Administrators must assign students to their instructors in order to enable session booking and in-app messaging.

Users: This article is for Organizational Admins/Licensee Owners

Prerequisites: Set up your Admin account / Added your Instructors / Added your Students

    There are four ways to assign an instructor to their student(s) from the administrator dashboard.

    1. Assign an Instructor during Student Account Creation

    The quickest route to connecting an instructor and student is by assigning the instructor to the student during the student account creation process. When adding a new student to your platform, follow the prompts until you’re asked to “Choose Instructors” for the student.

    In the search box, type the instructor’s name and select them from the dropdown results. You can assign multiple instructors to the student here, but make sure you click “Add” for each instructor you’re assigning to the student. Continue the student account creation by clicking “Next”. Once you’ve finished creating the student account, the instructor will already be assigned to your new student.

    2. Book a session for the Instructor and Student

    For organizations that manage their instructors' schedules and prefer a hands-on approach to scheduling their students' sessions, we recommend using the admin session booking form to establish the relationship between an instructor and their student(s).

    • In your admin portal, click on "Session Booking" to open the session booking form
    Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 5.53.29 PM
    • You can search for instructors and students by first name, last name, or email address.
      Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 5.54.01 PM
      On the form, select the instructor and the student from the blue search drop-down.
    • Complete the form to book the date, time, duration, and to add any additional details about the session. 
    • Click "Book Session" located at the bottom of the booking form.
      Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 5.54.17 PM
    • It's official! Your instructor and their student are booked for their first session and the instructor has been automatically assigned to the student in the system.

    3. Manually assign an Instructor to a Student

      For Administrators who prefer to set up users prior to booking sessions, follow these steps to assign an instructor to a student. Note: This method enables the instructor to directly book their first session with their student.

      Find your student using the universal search field, located at the top of your admin portal.
      Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 6.05.28 PM

      Or, click on “Users” from the Admin Dashboard:

      Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 7.03.16 AM

      • Click on the name of the student to open their “Student Details” page
               Users name
      • From the "Student  Details” page, locate the “Instructors” link in the left navigation bar, and click "Instructors" to open the “Student Instructors” page which displays current instructors assigned to the student and allows you to assign additional instructors.
        Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 6.09.30 PM
      • Use the "Assign Instructor" box on the right to search for and assign an instructor to the student. Search for the instructor by typing their first name, last name, or email address, and then select the instructor from the blue drop-down menu.
        Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 6.09.47 PM

      Click "Save" to complete the task!

      4. Assign Instructors to Students using the Multi-User Upload Tool

      The Multi-User Upload Tool can assign instructors to students in two ways; you can learn how to use this tool here: Adding Multiple Users to your Platform

      1. When using the tool to add instructors and students to your platform, you can easily designate which instructors should be assigned to which students. Once you upload your users to the platform, the instructors will be able to message and book sessions with their assigned students.
      2. After your users are on the platform, you can use the Multi-User Upload tool to update student and instructor associations, as well as other important user information.

      You may use any of these methods to assign an instructor to a student on your online platform. 

      Remember: Administrators must assign students to their instructors in order to enable booking sessions and in-app messaging.


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